Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

If you and your spouse have agreed on property division, neither spouse is asking for alimony, and you have no children under 18, you may be able to file a “Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Petition.”

Florida divorce law provides a process called a 'Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.' Couples can use this to get a quick divorce, about 30 days from filing to finalization, as long as they have complete agreement on the terms of the divorce and it's uncontested. However, there are some requirements that must be met. In addition to both parties agreeing to pursue this route, the couple must not have any children under 18 or dependent children, the wife must not be pregnant, and no alimony can be involved. At least one of the people involved must have lived in Florida for the last six months, and both parties must fully agree to the terms of the divorce and that the marriage is irretrievably broken. This process also eliminates both parties' rights to a trial and appeals. Both parties must sign the petition, and both must appear (virtually right now over zoom) for the final hearing.

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